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Fortunately, over the counter bug spray will often do the trick . Sydney’s heat and humidity is a perfect breeding ground for a multitude of bugs and other pests. And, as we all know, finding an infestation of pests in your home and the process of getting rid of them can be a major problem requiring professional help. Fleas love warm, humid conditions, which is unfortunately our climate here. They are often carried on pets, and can spread to humans causing itching and irritation from their bites.

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While it’s commonly known that ant bites cause an uncomfortable reaction on the skin, ants have also been found to spread disease. As this type of insect is an efficient excavator, these colonies may cause damage to both the indoor and outdoor areas of your property. Damaged materials, sand like larval droppings or bristly cast skins may reveal the presence of Carpet Beetle activity. A thorough inspection to the premises must first be carried out prior to implementing any treatment strategies. For example larvae feeding on the carpet may be supplied by adults who are feeding on a rat carcass in the roof void or hot water insulation in some other location. Treatment to the affected area as well as areas such as skirting boards, storage cupboards and roof voids may also be necessary for successful management.

Mouse Spider

If you notice spider webs indoors or outdoors, you’ll need to act fast to remove them. If left unattended, other spiders can be attracted to the same areas to create their own webs, resulting in your population of spiders quickly multiplying. Turn off lights in unused rooms to to create a less-than-ideal environment for spiders.

They also like hiding under rocks and inside tubular metal fencing, making their webs difficult to see. Although Funnel-webs do build webs underground, from a control point of view they are classed as running spiders, as the male funnel-webs go “walk about” in Autumn looking for a mate. In Australia we have good cause to be nervous about spiders.

Spider Education And Identification

They measure about 1.5 to 3cm long and as is often the case, females are distinctively larger than males but males tend to be more aggressive when feeling threatened. Cupboard spiders (Steatoda sp.) are often mistaken for redbacks and they produce similar symptoms, though their venom is less potent. I have used this business for nearly 20 years and have always been impressed with their professionalism and friendly service. They checked our house for white ants all this time and have also cleaned our carpets until we changed over to floor tiles throughout the house.

A Field Guide To Spiders Of Australia

A1 Professional Pest Control is capable of removing the bees without causing damage, but it is a delicate procedure. Finally, after the bees have been relocated you must remove any remnants of the hive. Hives and honey will be extremely attractive to other insects and wildlife. Clear out the walls where the bees made their home with extreme care and try to ensure that all weak spots in your home are repaired. The bees will have found an initial way to begin their hive. Though having bees in your home isn’t a pleasant experience they usually aren’t aggressive and will leave you alone if they are unprovoked.

Houses and cars and can move sideways and grip smooth, vertical surfaces, like the walls in your house, or running across your windscreen. (How many times have we all tried to kill a Huntsman on the wall with the trusted thong and wemiss, as they dodge sideways!). The Huntsman can give a painful bite, but not considered dangerous. This spider can be very aggressive if disturbed and although it is known to give a painful bite, symptoms may include local pain and swelling. This huntsman is the one most commonly found in houses, where it hunts at night on walls and ceilings. It also occasionally enters the cabins of vehicles, causing much alarm.

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The male Mouse spider often wanders about during the day on open ground, especially after rain, in search of a female. The Mouse spider has large hard fangs which can cause a deep painful bite. First aid and medical attention should be sought as soon as possible. The mature male Sydney funnel-web spider will leave it’s burrow and wander off during hot humid nights, looking for a mate. At this time it is known to enter homes, lodge in footwear, clothing and swimming pools, where they can survive several days under water.

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During late summer and autumn, males wander in search of females and may enter into buildings. Funnel-web spiders use what are known as ‘trip-wires’ to catch their prey. These trip-wires are strands of silk radiating from the burrow entrance. At night, the spider sits inside the entrance with its legs touching the silken strands. When it feels the vibrations of an insect tripping the wires the spider pounces on the prey. As its name suggests, the slater-eating spider prefers a diet of slaters (or wood-lice) which it captures with specially elongated fangs.

Common Black House Spider:

If you notice a colony on your property, contact us urgently to have it safely and efficiently removed. Speaking of sources of food for spiders, another good idea is to keep outside lighting to a minimum. Outside lighting attracts all kinds of bugs and spiders will quickly follow. As we’ve already discussed, spiders are looking for secluded, protected environments to live in. If they’re close enough to your house outside they may make their way inside soon enough.


Here are eight easy things you can do to help keep your house and garden spider-free. We’ll call back within 4 business hours to explain your options and book-in a convenient time for an on-site service. If garden beds next to the house are kept in place it is important to keeping vegetation trimmed back from the edge of the house and paths.

  • Here’s some information on the most common household pests and what you can do to remove them.
  • Spiders you are wise to beware of in Northern NSW include Redbacks, Funnel Webs, Black or Grey House Spiders and Mouse Spiders.
  • The female constructs several white egg sacs, which are secured within the web.
  • If you see one after our treatment, wait a few days for the treatment to take its course.
  • Not all trapdoor species have a trapdoor lid covering their holes, although they all live in burrows.

Some people prefer to remove the spider and any eggs found nearby the living areas. If you think it is safe to do so, deposit the spider away from the house. Meat Ants typically have nest-mounds that are oval-shaped, one or two metres wide and cleared of vegetation and covered with gravel. ​​The Bull Ant or Inch Ant is about an inch long, as its common name suggests. It is also an aggressive species but mainly only attacks when its nest is disturbed. It occupies a similar habitat to the Hopper Ant and its nest is usually underground and often have hidden or small entrances.

With eggs that remain dormant for long periods before hatching, fleas can present a persistent problem for the Canberra householder. Hundreds of eggs are deposited by just one female flea, hidden away in your carpet, in wall cracks, in your pet’s rest areas. And while they don’t carry diseases that affect humans in Australia, flea bites will cause skin irritation and they can become infected, leading to other health problems. Symptoms can include extreme itchiness, red swollen patches of skin, blisters, and in rare cases secondary infections that can lead to disease. The fleas carry diseases that can be directly carried from one animal to another, and they also cause skin and fur irritations, infections and allergies.

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Spare that flea! How to deal humanely with every common household pest – The Guardian

Spare that flea! How to deal humanely with every common household pest.

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For redback bites, do not apply pressure – this often worsens the pain. For other spider bites, the area should be washed with soap and water, and a cold pack applied if the bite is painful. Funnelweb spiders have a shiny black head and legs, and black to brown abdomen covered in fine hairs.

He was very professional and explained the treatment to me. Very happy with the results as I have not seen any spiders since. I have used Jim’s Pest Control in different areas and I am impressed by the consistent professionalism across Jim’s services. I have recommended Jim’s Pest Control services to multiple family members and friends. Mark and Tim have come to our place to treat a termite problem we have. They have both been very professional, both have extensive knowledge and experience in treating and preventing termites.

The Daddy Long Legs

More than 250 cases receive antivenom each year, with several milder bites probably going unreported. White-tailed spiders are frequent visitors to our homes, particularly our bedrooms. They are nocturnal hunters and feed mainly on other spiders, especially black house spiders. If you already have live black house spiders on the premise, use direct bug spray to kill them on sight.

Spider Bites

Your vacuum cleaner is your weapon of choice when preventing a flea infestation. Another prevention method is to use flea spray, flea bombs or flea traps. However, if the issue is severe, the best method is to call a professional flea exterminator.

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Are Ther Black Widow Spiders At The Jersey Shore?.

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Some of the spiders are harmless but few can bite for their defense and their bites can be quite painful. Australia is home to hundreds of native species of spiders which are ONLY found in Australia. Funnel-back spider, White-Tail spider, and Red-Back spiders are few names.

Rodents are scavengers and can still sometimes persist to be a problem, especially if you live on a large property, own multiple animals and store their food outdoors. When it comes to redback spiders, though, Mr Yehia says it’s important to spray for them in newly built homes, as they usually “come from brick work”. Our pest control specialists can eradicate bed bug infestations using eco-friendly, specially formulated insecticides.

It is also ideal for spot treatments into crack and crevices, with its extendable nozzle and ability to spray upside down. A crawling insect aerosol should be kept on hand to spray the occasional unwanted spider. Ensure the spider receives a good dose and keep your distance. The new PestXpert Spider Blast Eliminator with its extra power is an ideal option. Keep clothes and shoes off the floor to reduce spider hiding places.

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