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This is to forestall harm to the flooring materials and to ensure a correct bond with adhesives. We have a superb vary of moisture meters that are great for checking moisture in excessive and exhausting to achieve places. To use, merely swap on and maintain the instrument firmly against the floor. As many non-destructive exams as you want may be carried out in seconds with out the need to drill or harm the concrete.

  • The Concrete Encounter 4 will provide you with an prompt reading of moisture content material as much as 6% concrete; up to 0 – 10 comparative on gypsum screed enabling you to make an informed choices on when to install the ground masking.
  • Edit any of the 32 wood species in the instrument library from 300 species within the software.
  • Dunrite will detect any moisture or damp spots utilizing a Tramex Moisture Meter in your gyprock or VJ timber walls, door jambs, window sills or different surfaces routinely checked throughout an inspection.
  • The Tramex CMEX II moisture meter is designed for the instant and precise measurement of moisture content material in concrete and other floors and screeds.
  • The CME5 additionally offers Carbide Method equivalent readings for concrete and other cementations substrates as nicely as comparative readings as per ASTM F2659.
  • Regular checking of moisture content material during the drying out interval of a new concrete ground or floor screed is important to ensure it has reached sufficient dryness to simply accept the floor covering.

The CME5 also offers Carbide Method equal readings for concrete and other cementations substrates in addition to comparative readings as per ASTM F2659. Bluetooth connectivity to the Tramex Meters App allows for visualization of readings and information reporting to mobile gadgets, to GeoTag test results, create, save and share photographs, reports and charts. On-destructive in operation without having to probe, drill or mechanically damage the surface.

Tramex Meter

Trapped moisture encourages fungal growth and black fungal staining. The Skipper 5 allows fast surveying over moisture over giant areas, will learn by way of paints, varnishes and sheathing similar to Cascover without causing damage and may be used to find and hint leaks above and under decks. Dehumidifier 60L Our 60L dehumidifiers present a cost-effective solution for small-medium sized water damages. While these dehumidifiers aren’t classed as low grain refrigerants , that may present a large water elimination price. These units will pair completely with air movers on your next water injury state of affairs. The seller contacted me by way of telephone to provide me recommendation and advice as to which moisture meter to choose as I was about to alter my order.

Carry out limitless non-destructive checks in seconds without the necessity to drill or injury the concrete. This meter quickly indicates the moisture content of wooden, plasterboard and different constructing supplies, to verify if a pipe is leaking, repairs are wanted or for insurance coverage inspections. The included remote pin-less probe won’t damage the material surface.

Tramex Cme5 Moisture Meter Complete

Wide range of readings for wooden of 5% to 30% and 0 to 100 comparative for all different supplies. Where we find moisture readings on the Tramex moisture meter, that area becomes a ‘point of interest’, which is in a position to now be more thoroughly investigated. Generally, the Dunrite termite technician can use a Termatrac microwave tracking unit to establish movement behind the wall and/or use the inbuilt thermal scan mode on areas the place moisture is discovered. Lightweight, simple to operate, with an prolonged vary SG and knowledge assortment capabilities, the MMI1100 gives fast and correct MC readings proper on the floor of the manufacturing site. The SKIPPER Plus non-destructive moisture meter supplies a whole, safe method for detecting excess moisture in GRP and wood boats. Three scales of sensitivity enable moisture detection in salt or contemporary water.

Wooden & Material Humidity Meter With Integrated Humidity Measurement & Thermometer

• Spring-loaded contact pins compensate for uneven concrete and increase signal penetration. The Tramex Skipper Plus non-destructive moisture meter supplies a complete, safe methodology for detecting extra moisture in GRP and picket boats. A pocket-sized moisture meter, the Skipper is designed to find moisture in boat hulls and fittings.


Featuring the Tramex MEP moisture meter for non-invasive testing of moisture conditions in quite a few constructing supplies such as drywall, wooden, plaster, brick, tiles, resilient flooring, laminates and roofing. An infrared surface thermometer gives surface temperature and dew level situations used in conjunction with the Hygro-i ® probe. A heavy-duty pin-probes and Hammer probes measures Moisture Content in wooden.

Survey Encounter

Post receiving your request The Moisture Meter Company will confirm your request and will inform you about the guarantee process. All Tramex products carry a full satisfaction assure together with a one yr guarantee against defects in components & workmanship. External Rubber electrodes make direct contact with the material being tested for greatest sensitivity and repeatability. Our Australian consultants have access to an enormous vary of merchandise from national and international suppliers. A Multi-Mode, Hand Held, Non-Destructive Moisture Detection instrument for Deep Moisture Scanning, Surveying, and Leak Tracing in the constructing envelope.

The Skipper Plus moisture meter detects moisture in wooden or GRP by measuring the resistance between two low frequency AC alerts transmitted from the gentle rubber electrodes on the base of the instrument. Attaches to a reusable relative humidity Hygro-i2 probe for in situ or hood technique testing of concrete per ASTM F2170 and BS 8201, 8203. The Concrete Moisture Meter – Tramex CMEX II is a digital show version of the concrete encounter.

The HydroSensor II has a collapsible shaft that extends to 31″ to save tons of your knees and posture. Sensitive nickel-plated factors alert you to moisture content material above 17 percent. Scan and pin moisture modes and a thermo-hygrometer that measures ambient Temperature and RH and calculates Dew point and GPP. Relative Humidity is a vital factor to think about when installing a flooring over a concrete sub floor.

Major Products

The Moisture Encounter Plus is a non-destructive overall constructing inspection device which has applications for numerous industries. It has many unique features that make moisture measurement and analysis quick, precise and versatile. Optional plug-in Tramex Hygro-i ® relative humidity probe for relative humidity, temperature, dew point and mixing ratio readings. This gadget capabilities both as a pin and pinless moisture meter. The pinless pad can be used to scan for moisture behind a wall or underneath a flooring,. The ProScan is a pinless moisture meter for wooden that provides a speedy, non-destructive technique of measuring moisture in wooden.

A equipment for instant and accurate measurement of moisture content in a broad range of wooden species, relative drywall readings and comparative WME readings in wood by-products and different building materials. The Concrete Moisture Encounter detects and evaluates the moisture circumstances within the slab or screed by non-destructively measuring the electrical impedance. A low frequency digital sign is transmitted into the material underneath test by way of the electrodes in the base of the instrument. The energy of this signal varies in proportion to the quantity of moisture present in the materials. The Concrete Moisture Encounter determines the power of the current and converts this to a moisture content value for concrete slabs and a comparative value for other cementitious floor screeds, displayed on a big clear analog dial. [newline]TRAMEXCME5 The Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter is a non-destructive meter for measuring moisture content instantly in concrete slabs per ASTM F2659 and giving comparative or equivalent readings in different cementitious flooring screeds. Easy-to-use, giving exact and repeatable results, the Concrete Moisture Encounter permits the user to make multiple tests over a large space within the shortest attainable time.

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A1 makes use of the latest know-how, DJI 2021 drone to take high-resolution photographs of your complete roof and particulars areas that require your attention. Our roof inspections provide appreciable price and safety enhancements over normal inspection procedures. Roof inspections can be performed with minimal time on website and without requiring employees to work at heights, all of which equates to cost financial savings for your corporation. Dunrite have been in enterprise as pest management consultants in Brisbane for over 20 years.

Effective osmosis therapy requires the whole removing of the hygroscopic solutes which are responsible for absorbing and retaining moisture and forming osmotic cells in GRP composites. Featuring each deep and shallow modes the Skipper 5 is the best instrument for finding moisture related to these solutes to assist guarantee profitable treatment. Marine timbers additionally undergo from extreme moisture which causes blistering and loss of paints and varnishes.


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Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus Damp Meter Mep

Useful for taking readings when the meter face just isn’t seen. Non-destructive in operation with no need to probe, drill or mechanically harm the surface. We have over thirty completely different hand-held fashions for many totally different applications.

Attaches to a relative humidity Hygro-i ® probe for in situ testing of concrete and ambient circumstances. The Tramex Skipper 5 is an prompt, precise, dual-depth, analog, non-destructive Marine moisture meter which detects extra moisture hidden in GRP boat hulls, decks and coach roofs together with sandwich or cored structures. The unique three-electrode array provides each shallow (10 mm / ⅜”) and deep (30 mm / 1¼”) perceptivity to help set up the depth of any moisture inside GRP composites.

The CME5 also provides comparative readings of gypsum flooring screeds as properly as comparative readings of concrete as per ASTM F2659. Bluetooth connectivity to the Tramex Meters Appallows for visualization of readings and information reporting to mobile gadgets, to GeoTag test results, create, save and share photos, reviews and charts. The final Tramex moisture meters equipment for moisture testing of concrete & wooden flooring and numerous different building supplies such as drywall, wood, plaster, brick, tiles, resilient flooring, laminates and roofing.

Termites are drawn to moisture in timber or partitions or in opposition to the skin wall under a leaking faucet or along leaking plumbing. A shower recess or wall typically exhibits excessive moisture readings and is commonly the situation of energetic termites which have located moisture because of a leak within the shower/plumbing. Map the migration of water in carpet and pad with out straining your back.

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