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25 years experience and a highly trained team of professionals. Trade services undertaken by trained professionals – call now for a free quote. Rodents can often be found around the winter seasons when they start getting desperate for food and start following the smells coming from your house. Different pests are going to be most active during certain parts of the year.

They have all the right tools, years of experience and guaranteed workmanship that will keep your house free from these common pests. They are in two categories; common household insects and common household bugs. They both cause damage to your home and even become a health threat. Household pests will come to your home because they are looking for food and shelter.

Quality information about about bed bugs ,bites and how to find them. However, when they move into your home or neighbourhood, they can cause dangerous and painful stings, especially to small children. Wasps will defend themselves and their nest, so professional removal services may be best. Spring pests wouldn’t be much of a great problem if you got the right preparation and a trusted pest control service always ready on call.

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Moths and beetles tend to go after keratin, a natural protein found in wool, while silverfish prefer cotton .Prevention is the best cure. Spring is also breeding season for many common pests, who congregate in search of a mate. Keep a close eye out for large colonies in and around the home—the earlier you spot them, the easier it’ll be to intervene. Bees will take advantage of the fresh pollen floating through the air and termites start seeking moist timber. As the first rains of the season hit, ants wander indoors to seek refuge from the deluge.

Controlling Rodents

Pay special attention to areas where your pets stay and make sure they are given a flea wash. Ants are like cockroaches; once you spot one, be sure there are many more around. There are over 1000 types of ants found in Australia; the most common in Perth are the coastal brown ants and the white-footed house ants. Both can cause electrical shorts on appliances that could become a fire hazard. Spiders are one of the most common pests in Australia and easily one of the most feared. There are a few different ways you can go about eliminating ants in your home.

Cockroaches tend to hide out of sight during the day, coming out at night to search for food and multiply quickly if not dealt with effectively. At Holloway & Co, we specialise in treating these harmful intruders. Depending on the particular species of rat, rats can have up to a dozen pups per litter and can have up to 10 litters per year. If a rat has an adequate supply of food, water, and shelter, it has the increased capacity to breed all year long. The winter months may be too cold for successful breeding especially for outdoor rats, but they are able to breed during spring, summer, and fall. There is a misconception that a rodent problem means your home is dirty.

A cockroach infestation can lead to serious health implications. With that precaution, a pest exterminator will know the common household pests and develop an eradication plan. A pest specialist will tell the difference between the pests, the house flying pests, and the Australian household insects. You will have more information on your health threats and the treatment.

Spare that flea! How to deal humanely with every common household pest – The Guardian

Spare that flea! How to deal humanely with every common household pest.

Posted: Mon, 05 Jul 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

This stage is one of rest for the ant, before changing into an adult. Finally, the pupa will emerge as a full-grown adult with a hard exoskeleton. Autumn common enquiries The cooler months of Autumn reveal a wide variety of animals in our backyards and other habitats. The female of this butterfly species are seen much less frequently and have quite different markings. The upper side of the female has dark tips to the forewings and broad pale band across the centre of each forewing which continues onto the leading edge of the hindwing. The name assassin bug is due to the way this insect feeds on its prey.

Oriental Cockroach

Not only do they cause havoc with their teeth, but their excrement can contaminate food supplies causing major wastage. Alongside this, rodents carry diseases which pose a very real health risk to families and individuals. They’re considered the second-fastest breeding mammal on earth after humans. They’re small reddish insects which, at their biggest, grow to an apple-seed size. You can identify them by their tendency to lurk in mattress seams, between blanket folds, and cosy little corners. If the infestation is quite severe, their harbourages are obvious by the small blood spots – which is caused by their excrement.

Instead, make sure your home is as light and airy as possible, and minimise the dark, damp places they love. Spiders prefer ceilings and quiet spots around light fittings where they can get both food and warmth. The Huntsman is probably the bravest of the three, and if you are unlucky, you can potentially find one on your towel after a shower. Funnel-webs and redbacks could hide in pipes and, worst-case scenario, inside your shoes. You will come across them unexpectedly in all cases, so the best course of action is to cover your bases and be on the lookout. They are attracted to places where they can slip in and remain undisturbed.

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Spiders can also be a nuisance around the home and garden with their messy, sticky webs, and the dead insects they leave behind. Another way to prevent them is a with a 6-monthly pest spray, which will kill and deter them. If you notice ant trails in your home, follow the trail to find their entry point and seal it. If the problem persists, consider professional pest control. Did you know that Adelaide has some of the most destructive termites in the world? With one in five homes being attacked by termites, it’s essential you get an annual termite inspection to find any signs of an infestation before they do too much damage.

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These influxes are accompanied by a distinctive sweet sickly smell. Varroa Mites— which is a parasite carried on the bee that can be a serious threat, if introduced, to our native industry. This parasite can damage our honey production and pollination services. At Cairns Pest Control Services, we have implemented the Reduced-Risk Pesticide Program, which is a ground-breaking solution to a broad spectrum of insects and rodents. Do you need to know what kind of insect or bug that keeps on crawling around your home?

Australian Cockroach

Their presence can indicate a dampness problem within the home. Millipedes are a group of arthropods that are characterised by having two pairs of jointed legs on their body segments. Millipedes are referred to as detritivores, which means they feed on decaying leaves and other dead plant matter. [newline]They inhabit dark, undisturbed areas around the home and are often found in cupboards and bookshelves.

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  • Ensure you seal dustbins, fix leaky taps and never leave water out, wipe countertops and clean away food spills.
  • Rarely touched piles of paper are ideal habitat for mites, causing them to ruin your important documents.
  • Blood sucking ectoparasites of humans, from the family of lice Pediculidae.

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Of course it’s also possible to have a combination of these pests inhabit your home at the same time. The only way to correctly identify a pest infestation is to call in a professional pest control company. Sometimes you might know you have a pest because of mysterious, itchy bug bites on your skin. There is a broad range of these biting insects entering Adelaide homes, and along with being irritating they can spread diseases and risk your health. It is the kind of pest that can be quite insistent in infesting your home. Considered as the most pervasive household insects, they can also cause danger to your health as they easily transmit diseases.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

While you might not be able to eradicate millipedes, as pests go, they are not considered a challenge to control. Like most invasive species, they have no natural predators which account for infestations. With over 12,000 species, millipedes are arthropods who have not been known to cause economic or biological damage to humans or their habitats. Arguably, no, only about four commonly, widespread species are pests. Virtually impossible to eliminate, modern methods can help control problem infestations, at least temporarily.

Sprinkle this mixture along the edges of cupboards and in any dark places the cockroaches might like to hide. Boric acid isn’t toxic to people or pets but it can irritate skin and eyes, so use gloves when making this mixture. Stop these biting bugs from coming back by mixing essential oils with equal parts water.

If they’re chewing up your property, you’ll be thinking about eradication. Heat treatment may be used on items that can be put in containers and heated. This includes any personal property that can withstand heat, like books and clothing. Unfortunately, some items may have to be discarded because they can’t be effectively treated, so be prepared for this. If being chewed on by bugs when you’re sleeping doesn’t appeal to you, consider taking the following preventive steps.

Beetle that can walk upside down under water surface filmed in Australia in world first – The Guardian

Beetle that can walk upside down under water surface filmed in Australia in world first.

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To prevent crickets from invading your garden, be sure to mow the lawn, cut weeds and trim any dense vegetation around your house. This will deprive them of shelter and food sources, and discourage them from becoming too comfortable in your garden. Most active at night, the average household cricket can be identified by its long antennas, jumpy disposition – and most of all, its persistent, loud chirp. Crickets prefer to live outdoors amongst vegetation, but if weather conditions are bad, they’re likely to enter indoor structures in search of shelter and warmth.

Controlling Bed Bugs

A combination of clove-geranium-lemon grass oil blend mixed with a few drops can be sprayed around the house to keep the wasps away. Rodents are successful breeders and rats can produce up to 80 offspring per year with one male and female producing over 15,000 offspring during their lifetimes. The black rat is the most common rat in built up areas of Australia, and was responsible for the spread of the bubonic Plague of 1665.

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Common household pests carry germs and disease which can spread to your family via surfaces in the home. Pest Control in Australia has been a big deal to keep every home or business safe from infestations. Do not rely on home treatments since some pests can be dangerous. In fact, you need a professional if you want to get rid of them once and for all. They may be small, but the damage they can cause is unbelievable. You will notice these pests from the bloodstains in the sheets or when you start itching.

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