Most Common House Insects

If chemicals are used for control they must be suitable for the domestic situation and appropriate for the treatment of spiders. To put it plainly, bed bugs are bad news – and they’re super pervasive across Australia. In fact, in 2017, it was reported that the Australian bed bug population had boomed in recent years, with a 5,000 percent increase between 2000 and 2017. If you’d rather seek professional help, call a pest control company to help you handle the issue. If you suspect you’re dealing with a pest infestation, time is of the essence. It’s important to act quickly to get the matter under control and keep your home as safe as possible.

The most common are the Paralysis tick and the brown dog tick. Ticks feed on the blood of animals, and they transmit diseases through their bites. You’re most likely to have cat fleas in your house, but don’t let the name fool you. The fleas on dogs and people are also usually the type called cat fleas. Other types of fleas are found in Australia, but they’re much less common in the home.

We are an Australian owned business with over 44 years of industry. Our team of experts are the best of the best and we know how to handle any pest problem you may be encountering. The experienced pest control team at BP Direct undertake a thorough visual inspection of the property, in search for signs of termites or any other troublesome pests. As well as looking for the pests themselves, our inspectors are also looking for any signs of damage and any conditions that are favourable to possible pest activity. Getting to know bed bugs can make a huge difference in understanding how to effectively stop them from infesting your house. Don’t underestimate their diminutive size because they can create considerable damage.

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If you find a European wasp nest, you should not leave it unattended as European wasps can pose a danger to humans. If the nest is on your property, you have a responsibility to have it removed or destroyed. If your home has a backyard or a lawn, it is recommended that you trim any available tree branches or shrubs.

Carnivorous Insects

Roof rats are particularly troublesome, as they may remain undetected while they wreak havoc on your rafters. Rodents pose a significant health issue, too, because they can contaminate food sources, disperse bacteria, and spread deadly diseases like the dreaded rat-bite fever. To help you prepare your property against an unwanted invasion, we’re going to outline how the seasons affect the behaviour of common household pests. We’ll also discuss the best end of lease pet control and commercial pest control methods should you already have a problem on your hands. Taking the appropriate measures during spring and summer is important to reduce insect infestation. For a professional termite control, ant exterminator, bee control, bed bug treatment, and wasp control in Melbourne, get in touch with our friendly team on Positive Pest Solutions!

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These disease carrying pests are looking for a supply of food, water and also looking for shelter. These destructive insects are especially active during the warmer months however if they are already established, they can do significant damage during Autumn. Given that termites love moisture, damp environments are very attractive to them. If your home and gardens have damp or shady areas, termites will be attracted here and potentially set up a colony. Let’s have a look at the most common household pests on the Sunshine Coast and how you should get rid of them. Whether you need termite protection, comprehensive pest control or a low maintenance treatment, we’ve got you protected – constantly.

You will find that the roofs and ceilings of your property will the most frequent targets these types of pests will try to break into. The reason being is that the ceiling cavities are a warm place to take shelter and to nest. But listed below are some areas that you should maintain to keep your house pest safe. Ants, white ants , bees, bugs, rodents and an endless list of pests are out there, and if not checked on time, they can harm your reputation among clients too.

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Bed bugs are small, oval shaped, brown insects, which feed on human blood, most commonly at night. Bed bug bites can cause itchiness and leave red marks on skin. Pests are something to be watchful of during the cold season. Both insects of a few species and warm-blooded animals will try to get inside houses or enclosed properties in search of shelter, warmth, and available food source. Many people will often start noticing bugs or beetles in their bedrooms or kitchen, and rodents in garage, basements, and sheds. We are experts in residential and commercial pest control on the Gold Coast.

Beetles are also known to attack the roots of grass, causing damage to lawns, while the elm leaf beetle damages trees by eating the leaves. Flour beetles and grain beetles attack food products in homes, in production facilities and stores. At Cairns Pest Control, we have begun a new approach to bed bug control. [newline]These pests tend to stay in close contact with each other and brood in heavy infestations.

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Preventing Cockroaches

There are more than 60 species of rodents in Australia, with most of them considered as pests. Due to the fact that they are small, they can easily roam around your home unnoticed. They can transmit disease, contaminate food, and cause house fires by chewing on electrical cables and wiring of your digital TV antenna and other appliances. The best way to control them is to let pest control professionals perform a thorough inspection of your premises. This way, any form of cockroach activity will be located and dealt with easily and professionally.

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Tiny pest is a big deal Lifestyles

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With BP Pest Control Perth, we offer Spider treatments and control through Perth and it’s surrounding suburbs. Silverfish are a nocturnal insect that like to be in places that are dark, damp and cold. The good news is is that they do not bite, spread diseases or do a lot of damage to our homes, they mainly like to nibble on items such as paper, glue, dry goods, cereal boxes etc. These smaller white rats are different from Norway rats, which are a larger breed found throughout most of the rest of Australia.

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Although not aggressive towards humans, their bite can sometimes cause illness in some people. These spiders will feed on insects, other spiders, and small lizards. Small skinks that are caught in their web will have their blood sucked dry, and their bodies will be removed from the web once the spider is finished with it. Sean knew that we wanted to get help quickly and he made an effort to find the earliest possible time slot. With other companies so often this is not the case.And what’s even better, our mice seem to be gone.I would definitely recommend his services. They can hitch a ride through purses or bags or even in clothes, allowing them to be transferred from one room to another.

  • Termites are a very tenacious, aggressive, covert and destructive termite species.
  • The culprit in this instance is most likely a bed bug since their main food is blood.
  • Particularly, you need regular pest management if you are an occupant of Perth WA Australia.
  • As is the case in most situations, prevention is always better than cure – which is where getting a regular termite inspection in Melbourne comes in.
  • There are several species of Nasutitermes which may damage timber in service.
  • Seal all cracks in your walls and screen vents to prevent geckos from coming into your home.

Bearing in mind the type of damage that termites can wreak in your household, termite inspection can be viewed as a smart and effective method of termite protection in Melbourne. Termite inspection is when a team of skilled and experienced termite control professionals inspect your home or property for signs of termites and termite damage. Have you ever thought about how a pest infestation might affect your restaurant’s operations? Pests can carry pathogens that cause diseases, which would contaminate equipment, utensils and food. This would not only compromise the cleanliness of your restaurant, but also the health of your customers, as well as employees.

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5 Best Pest Control Companies.

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Real estate has always been in his blood and it was a natural fit to start Bricks + Agent given the amount of insight he has into the industry as a whole. The possum habitat becomes smaller and smaller due to our ever-expanding cities and our ongoing construction. Not having enough tree-covered areas to live in, the possums will look for new homes such as our gardens, our roofs and attics, and even the commercial buildings. Only one case of death by a venomous spider bite, more precisely a redback spider. The main reason why this was an isolated event is that ever since the introduction of efficient anti-venom, people have been able to counter the effects of a spider bite. However, that does not mean that spiders are not a nuisance when they start to infest a house.

How To Spot A Pest Before Its A Problem

And with the absence of bed bugs, cockroaches or rodents, you are able to get a better sleep at night. Our focus is on giving you health relief and peace of mind. Australia has many unique pests and bugs that are rare to find anywhere across the globe. The downfall of that is that the pest starts to invade properties including your home.

Find details about Most Common House Insects.


Place hedge apples (the fruit borne by the Osage-orange tree) around areas where there is a high traffic of insects; they serve as very effective, natural insect repellents. Since ants dislike the smell of bitter cucumber, it helps to cut slices and place them at entry points. Crush fresh mint leaves and put them into small Ziploc bags; poke some holes into the plastic until you get a strong enough smell of the mint. Place the bags around the kitchen, dining areas, and other places where flies are usually seen. Unfortunately, the beetle begins life as a grub which lives under the grass, eating away at the roots where you can’t see them.

A huge majority of tick bites in Eastern Australia are reportedly due to this species. The saliva of a Paralysis Tick may be highly toxic to some animals and, potentially, humans. Most tick bites are harmless and don’t need medical treatment. The German cockroach is one of the smaller cockroaches, amber-brown in colour and with two longitudinal dark stripes on the thorax. It is the most prolific breeder of the pest cockroaches, having four generations a year and taking only 40 days to mature from egg to adult during summer.

Using A Licensed Pest Control Operator

Below are some details of the most common pests that can be found in your household. First, you will be asked to isolate all your clothing and other items by placing them inside a bag to contain the bed bugs. The most common method of control includes application of synthetic pyrethroid insecticides. If the problem is excessive, removal of items such as mattresses, beds, pillows and sheets may be required. In some cases it will be recommended that these items be removed from the premises and destroyed. According to an article in the, London’s Houses of Parliament is crawling with bed bugs.

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