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One of the best types of defence from an infestation occurring is simply prevention. The reason you may find an invasion of insects or rodents in your property is that of three things; food, shelter or water. Eliminating these elements from the equation will make the bugs not want to live in your house. Sources of food such as garbage bins, dirty dishes or food just generally left out will become an attraction for unwanted guests.

Here is some information and tips to keep in mind when trying to identify a pest. Wasps can be found throughout Australia and are generally yellow and black in appearance and vary in size from 12mm to 19mm. During famine, a silverfish may even attack leatherware and synthetic fabrics.

What Is Termites Protection & How Long A Treatment Lasts For

They may seem insignificant, but they are the main cause of skin disease in our pets. Symptoms include excessive itching, weeping sores and scaly skin. If that wasn’t enough, these bloodsucking critters can introduce tapeworms to your pet’s body.

We’ll also provide you with recommendations on how to minimise future pest infestations in and around your home or workplace in the future. Many homeowners are wary of strong chemicals that could harm pets, children or the whole family. Some pest control services advertise themselves as ‘natural’,‘green’, ‘eco’ or pet/family friendly. They could use chemicals that have no, or a low impact, on the environment or humans.

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In high numbers they can grow too large for some gardens, and can move inside in search of a new home. Pantry moths can be distinguished by their colouring; the inner half of their upper wings are light yellowish grey and the outer half is a dark, patterned brownish grey. Light brown/tan in colour, adult clothes moths look similar to common outdoor moths, only much smaller. Adult clothes moths are 7 to 8 millimetres in length, but the larvae can be 12 to 13 millimetres in length. It is the cream coloured, caterpillar-like larvae of these moths that cause most of the damage. The treatment of clothes moths is included in our Canberra Pest Control Comprehensive Treatment.

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However, make sure you are not using anything that might affect your pets or your small children. You can try using natural methods such as vinegar spray, or borax, which are safer than the insecticides that are made of different chemicals. Bees are less likely to build their nests indoors, as they prefer the outdoor areas. However, they can become a real problem as well, especially if they somehow build their nests inside the walls of your home.

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At Suburban Pest Management, our local technicians have years of experience with Brisbane and the Gold Coast’s pest populations. Well-trained on exterminating all the pest common to our area, our pest inspectors and technicians will have your home free from pests for the long run. Your veterinarian will recommend a monthly preventative to administer to your pets either orally, or on your pets’ skin.

  • Just when you think you got rid of them, they always seem to come back to give you another itchy bite.
  • It is best to clean out your microwave, toaster and oven/stove after use.
  • The BP Pest Control team are qualified pest control and management agents who have the latest Pest Control sprays to rid the nasty pests.
  • Although you can easily obtain household pesticides, this does not mean that they are harmless.

Fortunately, most spiders don’t pose an on-going problem like other pests except in rare instances. With that said, spiders can pose a serious threat to children, pets and adults alike and should be treated with extreme caution. Fortunately, over the counter bug spray will often do the trick . To prevent cockroaches from gathering in your home, always clean up after yourself. Our personalised approach guarantees you will not only receive great service but also a pest control solution specifically tailored to your home and family specific needs. It is easy to detect a mosquito from its high-pitch noises and annoying bites.

The most common indicator of an australian cockroach infestation are signs of nymph, adult, or egg cases in your home. To make matters worse, out of the 4,000+ cockroach species in the world, Australia has close to 450 native species of cockroaches! Don’t be too disturbed by this figure, as there are only 6 species that are the most commonly encountered household cockroaches in Australia.

How To Get Rid Of Wasps

Just like fleas, bed bug bites cause redness, irritation and swelling. They are the world’s fastest growing problem pest, especially in Australia. Their rapid spread is usually due to traveller’s luggage, and they are known to be the globe’s “greatest hitchhikers” because of it. If you hear noises in the ceiling, behind walls or under the floor, you most likely have rats or mice in your home. Most of all, they cause damage to you and your property by chewing on electrical cables and contaminating your food.

The only way to correctly identify a pest infestation is to call in a professional pest control company. You may have noticed that during autumn, swarms of insects gather in the well-lit spots around your house. As it gets chillier outside, the insects will seek a warmer place to continue their lives. Many insect species have a way to signal their mates to gather around, whether it’s for a feast or just a nice warm spot. So if a few bugs find their way in your house and find it cozy enough, expect there to be more soon! Find out which common household bugs might become your roommates at some point, and what you can do to prevent them from infesting your home.

DALY: Keeping houseplants healthy and attractive during winter –

DALY: Keeping houseplants healthy and attractive during winter.

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Another lover of the dark and damp, silverfish prefer to make their homes in your bathroom and kitchen, your basement, or your roof void. They eat paper in your stored boxes—sometimes the box itself—glue, textiles, or stored food. We use targeted, locked baits that eliminate the pests, yet pose no threat to your family, guests, or household pets. If we find places where they may have entered your home, such as small cracks or gaps in window or door seals, we seal these areas up so they can’t come back. With careful attention and close partnership with the pest control experts at Suburban and your veterinarian, you’ll be able to eliminate these pests from your home and premises. These disease-spreading insects fly fast and lay eggs at a rate of 150 per day.

With August already here, warmer weather means the life cycle of many household pests will also start to speed up. While most pesticides are designed to only affect the target pest, other insects or animals may sometimes be harmed. For example, a bird may be poisoned if it eats a spider killed by insecticide.

Australia houses over 2000 species of spiders, including few of the most venomous ones, whose bites can kill if left untreated. They dwell in dark and damp spaces in and around your residence. Wasp stings are excruciating and are lethal in certain unfortunate cases. They might cause damage to your garden and even disturb the inhabitants of the premises. We offer a range of treatments to safely eradicate all types of cockroaches, such as the commonly found German and American species.

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Ants are attracted to sweeter foods, but also tend to eat seeds and plants. They’re likely to be found in and around the kitchen, especially when food is present. Their trail is often found leading to their hive outside the home. Their nests are usually found around pathways, stone work, cracks, and crevices. These annoying pests will often make their way under doorways and cracks in the home, and will usually find their way to the kitchen where they can carry food back to their hive. [newline]It’s best to spray their nests with appropriate insecticide at night.

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Licensed exterminators who understand old fashioned service. We stand by our warranty and have a passion for getting the job done right. The drywood and dampwood types live within the wood they’re consuming.

Our professional pest control services ensure long term health benefits such as the elimination of allergies and diseases carried by pests. And with the absence of bed bugs, cockroaches or rodents, you are able to get a better sleep at night. Our focus is on giving you health relief and peace of mind. We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to pest control, but there are times when you do not need pest control, but rather a termite treatment . Read through a few of these signs that your house may need a termite treatment on the Sunshine Coast to help identify when you need to call a professional.

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Uses a natural enemy of the pest to kill it off OR a natural product that will not harm the surrounding environment. With the help of pest treatment, it is possible to reserve your home for your use alone and send unwelcome visitors packing. In case you have open spaces that pests can crawl in, like cracks around cabinets, cover all the areas with steel wool or wire mesh.

Know Your Pests

Cockroaches need a daily drink to survive, so the first step is removing any water sources. It doesn’t have to be much, either, so this includes the bottom of your shower and any pooling in leftover dishes in the sink. At night they’ll search for food in kitchens, bins and drains. They’ll feed on almost any animal or vegetable matter, as well as materials, including paper and leather.

With BP Pest Control we can help prevent these pests entering your home during this season. Keep any form of compost and trash a good distance away from home and ensuring that bin lids are on and secure. One pest in the wrong place at the wrong time is all it takes to severely damage your production line and your reputation. We use 3 brands of termite treatments; Termidor, Biflex and Exterra. While fogging may not catch every single trace of contaminants, it can significantly reduce the number of pathogens present compared to standard cleaning.

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