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They have very noticeable antennae and regularly release a foul odor. When Nymphs hatch they are nearly translucent and become more brown as they moult and mature. Bird lice can vary in length but usually less than 0.5mm long and are small enough to barely be visible. Bird lice are mainly translucent-yellowish until they feed on blood which makes them a reddish-brown colour. You can’t see their eggs without magnification because they are too small.

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Good hygiene practices are essential to controlling and preventing bed bug infestations along with sealing cracks and crevices to affected areas where possible. Bird lice are found on the skin, between the feathers and in bird nests, where they can form colonies of thousands. When their host dies or leaves the nest for good, this causes a mass departure as the lice go search for the humidity and blood they need to survive. They are very adaptable as parasites and have been known to infest the skin of many mammals , rats, mice, etc. If there are no birds nesting nearby you may get an infestation. Once the lice infest a household they will burrow into wood and fabrics.

Tips For Dealing With One Of Sydneys Nocturnal Pests: Possums

Not all the biting midges suck the blood of mammals but the majority of those that do belong to the genus Culicoides. The latest information about rats and rat control by Micropest rat control Sydney. Rat control is commonly undertaken when economic loss is experienced or a rat has been seen in a building or house. A pest inspection locates and identifies pests around a house or building. Blood sucking ectoparasites of humans, from the family of lice Pediculidae.

There are a number of common household bugs in Australia, and some of them can be dangerous. If you spot signs of any of these pests, you should call a professional pest control company right away. Trying to deal with the problem on your own can result in serious injuries or wasted money.

Identifying A Gecko Infestation

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How To Prevent Infestation:

Inspect your house and cover all holes that can be used as entry points by possums and other pests. Screening low decks and trimming branches so that they are at least 10ft from your roof will also help prevent entry. The best way to prevent cats from intruding is to eliminate food sources and to cover areas where cats can find shelter such as under decks and porches. Snakes are a very common problem in Australia and while most of them are not exceptionally dangerous, there are some that are deadly. Some of the most common reasons why snakes will infest a building are to find food, shelter, or to avoid flooding.

Sometimes you might know you have a pest because of mysterious, itchy bug bites on your skin. There is a broad range of these biting insects entering Adelaide homes, and along with being irritating they can spread diseases and risk your health. With the possible exception of termites, bed bugs can be one of the scariest pests to infest a property. They are a nuisance in the home and can be a massive problem in hotels, motels, and other accommodation, causing a substantial financial impact. These professionals will locate and treat the nest of the ants, which is by far the most effective way to control these pests.

This particular cockroach is pale brown in colour and is between 12 and 16 mm in length. They can live up to a month without food, so long as water is available. These bugs are predominantly nocturnal, and can leave an unpleasant smell when in dense populations.

Their lifespan is up to a year in length, and they can be transported to new areas via packaging and boxes taken to new areas (e.g. delivery trucks or people moving homes). Dense infestation will suck the sap of flowering spikes and can reduce the yield of crops significantly. Their home is naturally around forest and woodland areas, however many people find them in homes in hard to reach areas like ceiling cornices and cupboards. If they are still getting to you, you could grab a plastic fly swatter for about $2, but a rolled up newspaper works just as well. You could also try a natural bug repellent made from citronella.

Large wasp nests can be extremely dangerous because they lead coordinated attacks and will not die after a sting. A wasp’s sting will be more painful than a bee’s sting, but both of them can be deadly when a person has an allergic reaction to their venom. An animal infested by fleas becomes itchy, will have a large amount of discomfort, and will also transport the fleas from one place to the other. Once the fleas get inside a home, they will get into the carpets, furniture, and even in the clothes. It is very easy for a flea infestation to get out of hand because a single female flea will lay hundreds of eggs despite having a very short life.

Rat Pest Control Using Stratgem Bait

Spider mites are tiny little mites that can often be seen crawling quickly across the surface of leaves and stems. They got their name because they look a lot like their arachnid cousins and they also weave webs. These guys like to poke holes in leaves, flowers and other plant parts and suck out the juices. Thrips can also spread plant viruses; for example tomato thrips and western flower thrips are huge spreaders of the tomato spotted wilt virus. If you have bedbugs you will definitely see them during a thorough inspection.

Oriental Cockroaches

The report will be detailed and comprehensive, accompanied with photographs and an explanation of the relevant findings. A colony of termites can cause widespread structural damage, feeding on the internal structures of your home and ultimately creating an unsafe living situation. Termites can create loose tiles, sagging ceilings, ruined floors, and holes in the drywall. They can also cause extensive water damage in your home by hollowing and weakening the walls.


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All you need to do is notify us within 24hrs of your order arriving. These little buggers love hot, dry air and unfortunately, they love indoor plants. So we now know that most pests that cause us to itch insanely and leave us with bite marks can be identified with the right information and a careful inspection of a problem area. Bedbug’s bites are found all over the body and feeding occurs only during the early hours of the night. If you have a bedbug’s problem you will firstly be getting bitten, usually, there will be 3 to 4 bites in a row, as bedbugs do like to test bite their host first. A well-experienced pest controller can tell by the bite marks on the host as to what sort of pest may be present.

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Find details about Tiny Common House Bugs.

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Their natural habitat are rainforests and sclerophyll forests, though they can be found in local gardens. They line their burrow with silk which is normally situated beneath objects like rocks or logs, and sometimes reach up to 600mm in length. Many of these will cause flu-like symptoms such as nausea, fever, headache, and muscle aches. If you get a rash that resembles a target that can mean the tick that has bitten you carries Lyme disease.

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Recently, the world has seen a substantial rise in bed bug infestations, and Australia is no exception. It’s not fully understood why, but the theories go that increased global travel may play a part. Bed bugs are also immune to most types of insecticides, and, although they can’t fly, they’re extraordinarily fast-movers making escape almost effortless. A step by step method on how to get rid of bed bugs, using the latest and safest bed bug pest control treatments.

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Cockroaches are hardy creatures that can survive in harsh conditions which makes controlling them a bit difficult, but with the right products, it can be done. To keep roaches at bay, clean your house regularly, do your dishes as soon as you are through using them, fix leaky faucets and cover all your trash cans. Maintaining high standards of hygiene will help keep flies out of your place. Clean all food related messes and spills as soon as they happen, keep your food in sealed containers and cover your bins – especially those containing food waste.

They pose a health risk to humans and can spread diseases like E. Others can cause painful bites like horse fly, and when you see larvae in your home, it could be a fly infestation. Start by installing fly screens and keep all places clean, and for all your bins, ensure the seals are tightly fixed.

Alongside this, rodents carry diseases which pose a very real health risk to families and individuals. They’re considered the second-fastest breeding mammal on earth after humans. Moths are a common problem is Australian households, being a textile pest. Some of the moth species that are most problematic include the case-bearing clothes moth, the common or webbing clothes moth, the tapestry moth, and the brown house moth.

  • However, honey bees will die after giving one sting as their stinger is pulled from their abdomen, while European wasps are free to sting again.
  • Cockroaches are nocturnal, so they’ll be in hiding and hard to spot during the day. [newline]At night, however, you’ll likely notice them scurrying under the fridge when you turn the lights on.
  • However, it is important to use them with care, as they might be a potential danger to pets and small children as well.
  • If you’re dealing with a fruit fly infestation, you’ll need to remove any produce in which a fruit fly may have laid eggs, to prevent the infestation from spreading.

Probably one of the larger species of cockroaches you will see around Brisbane. When you have a lot of them present, as soon as you turn on the tap and water runs into the drain, a group of drain flies will fly out to escape the torrent. Keep windows close to the ground level shut at all times especially if they are not screened.

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