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We are vilgent with our fruit tree’s in picking up every last piece of fruit. Have found that Lybacid works well in conjuction with Wild May. After many years of the fly, NO FRUIT FLY!!! This year, at last the hard work has paid of and are know enjoying fruit from the trees, soooo delicious.

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Covering is certainly more effective and easier than repeat spraying, baiting etc. I am now going to get some conduit or similar to make frames for my trees, and lots of netting. Particularly bad are Second Generation poisons which kill anything that eats the poison PLUS anything that eats the poisoned animal . RATSAK is the leader in innovative rodent control solutions. That’s odd ; I re- read your post about Cera traps and “lots” is exactly what you said of F.F. Which I take to mean female fruit flies.

I would like to grow my trees a bit bigger than what you have let them in your photo, but I understand your reasoning. Cost of the netting I think will force me to do a similar size… Does colour of netting make any difference to fruit fly and bats? White netting seems to deter birds much better than black – currently trialing pink and purple. Big W have an actually mozzie net ready to hang from a hook on ceiling above a bed. If not will cut up and use the netting of it.

Navels nearby weren’t affected, but they ripen a bit earlier. Spinosad is the active ingredient in eco-naturalure yrt, and it does lure & kill the Qld fruit fly, imho. MJ, I have never seen fruit fly in large numbers at one time.

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My trees are reasonable sheltered from the wind, but I noticed they do move around a little bit. 25mm should be fine for joining 2 4M lengths together to form 1 hoop. As for the metric poly – we have some here that has been in the sun and heat for a number of years and is fine. I have just used some to make a frame to cover my tomatoes. I used 25mm, which seemed to give the perfect ratio of flexibility to stability for a small structure. But, the poly wouldn’t be rigid enough to use in say 8m lengths over a fruit tree, especially in a windy area.

Anyway – I am totally convinced that it’s my “ornamental” garden that actually protects my edible garden, in the main. I planted it with fauna food foremost in my mind. I rarely suffer fungal problems due the aridity here.

Things may seem worse at first, but they will improve as the pests are affected by the pesticides and die off. It is common to see an increase in activity around the home during this time, for the first few weeks. Remove and replace any lining after treatment .You may need to get rid of plastic and other bags from the pantry as well. Place trap where baby moths and adults are noticed, especially in kitchen and other rooms where the above products are stored. Already some growers are selling up, and land redeveloped for housing. Many are threatening to pull out all stone fruit and replace with pest-free avocados.

I have now 40 fruit trees to protect against the fruit fly. I have erected poly frames but cannot find where I can purchase netting on a roll. There are plenty of live traps available.

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I realise the ratsak takes up to a week to kill them so not sure why all has suddenly gone quiet, and we haven’t started to smell anything yet (due to a rotting corpse!). All I guess I can do is place another packet out and see if it is moved again. If not, then I guess we got rid of it/them. The rat was a persistent bugger too, it then proceeded to pull the entire ratsak packet into the wall where we could no longer see it.

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The Ag Dep recommendation is to start spraying when fruit is about half size. The original research was done in Israel and is available on the net . Another idea, from the Palestinians, was to strap miniature explosives on male flies that would ,in turn, explode during mating. Unfortunately the flies had difficulty taking off. Last season I picked about 350 mangoes from one tree with most accessible only by a picker so paper bags are out for me. What do you do if it rains GVV, all your good work would be undone.

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Weather is getting cold and the place I am in backs onto a creak. They are comming, it is just a matter of when. Doesnt slam down hard enough to pierce the skin so no blood which is good. I think it breaks the neck so they should have died instantly..

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I would check on the safety advice notice you would have been left with after the service will explain the products used. Feel free to let me know if the pest advice notice states what product was used and Ill check up for you ok. Mortein Rats & Mice Dual Action Baits is a highly effective and complete solution to rat & mice problems. It kills rats & mice in a single feed, and also kills the fleas & ticks on them that could transmit disease to people and pets. Mortein Dual Action Baits is also effective against rats & mice that have built up a resistance to warfarin-based rodenticides. Mortein Dual Action Baits contains a human taste deterrent to help prevent accidental consumption by children.

Onions and the onion family can cause gastrointestinal upset. Ingestion can also lead to red blood cell damage, resulting in anaemia. Interestingly, some pet foods contain garlic for its wealth of nutritional benefits; these foods are still safe to give to your dog. “Mum says, chocolate isn’t good for dogs”?

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I followed your advice a few years ago and netted my fruit trees to protect from fruit fly. There is an example of a inner city fruit garden in Perth, opposite of the art museum. Looks like the city really invests money in this and takes continuous care of it – a real show-off . Lets see what measures they will take when it comes to fruit fly… We will be losing our last cover spray Fenthion due to the APVMA deregulating it this year.

  • Our customer service team will help to arrange the return of your product.
  • They took the time to investigate the cause, the source of the problem and elimnated it completely which included going through every cupboard, cracks hiding spots the lot.
  • With pruning always remove any branch that grows up vertically as these are useless.
  • Be vigilant backyard fruit tree growers or pull them out please for the sake of our fruit tree industry.
  • This year I will be able to give it a good test.

I like your setup with the zippers to make picking the fruit easier. Yes I had googled them and found them cheaper once my partner came home with them. Even at $12.00 these are a waste of money. Will need to be picking up rotten fruit from the ground and off the trees to reduce the problem.

Would love to talk to anyone who has used it successfully for this. The nectarines ripened beautifully, with no fruit fly stings. Did have a few ant nibbles, or something, but nothing to worry about, just surface stuff. AND there was no evidence of birds or possums trying to get in. M Nash, if there was something that controlled fruit fly once and for all, I’m sure orchardists would be using it. Last year I found the possums or parrots tore the paper bags open, and also the “non woven” bags.

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You can get it from a farm produce shop, kills every rodent quickly, returning your kingdom to silence with no rat or mouse scurries during the night. We have two Rat Zappers constantly armed and they catch everything. Use dry cat or dog food , and just leave them on until the light shows they’ve caught something. There are laws regarding the use of sticky traps, ie. They must be checked every 12-24hrs and the live rodents disposed of humanely. After attempts of trying to scare him out failed I once again taped up around the toilet base so that there was only one escape route.

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Attached is a photo which shows how I win the war with the fruit fly. I havent had any thing get by the net while I was picking. I just get under the net with the tree and pick the fruit off into a big bowl. It’s too tricky to get the nets on and off the trees.

I do get a lot of immature fruit fly but whether they are the baby female I do not know. This year I will be able to give it a good test. I have already caught two male qld fruitfly in my naturlure trap this year next to the loquat tree, first was at the end of August i had no idea they started so early. My peach plum and fruit are beautiful and I can eat every fruit from that and all my other trees. I have around 100 various fruit treess and am very happy by defeating the fruit fly. Some things never die ,even when a stake is driven through its heart.

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