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Behind or in bookcases and wardrobes, in overhangs and eaves, most prefer damp and dark areas. But others will make a home anywhere including in the kid’s toy box so you need to get used to checking before digging around in certain spaces. The female redback spider is extremely poisonous, and the bite is followed by extreme agony. It has a black velvety body with a red stripe on the upper surface of the abdomen.

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They are annoying pests, especially to pets, because their bite can produce allergic reactions that can last up to two weeks. Adult carpet beetles usually emerge in spring or early summer. They often attempt to migrate outside to feed on pollen and may often be found on window sills. The females commonly lay their eggs in closets, under furniture and in air conditioning ducts. The droppings of carpet beetle larvae are brittle, resembling course sand.

Common And Unusual Identifications

Vacuum crevices around baseboards, electronic items and any other likely hiding places, such as beds, couches, bedframes, and dressers. This ant kind is polygynous which means every colony has many queens which enables the colony to part into different bud colonies fast. Pharaoh ants are tropical kinds of ants, but they grow well in buildings virtually any place – your kitchen, cupboard, closet, even your sidewalks.

And in terms of biting, a bat bug will attack you if its initial and preferred food source has been eliminated. You might need to use a bed bug treatment product more than once depending on the chemicals in the product, the lifecycle of the bed bugs, and the extent of the infestation. Ask guests who may be lodging or staying at your home whether they have experienced unexplained insect bites. If they have, help them to inspect their belongings carefully for evidence of bed bugs and treat promptly if anything is found. Evidence shows that bed bugs are more commonly found in low cost short stay accommodation.

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Infestations in animal houses are often introduced by way of contaminated feed. The larvae produce copious amounts of silk which contaminates grains but this larval webbing also causes serious blockages in provender mills. The larvae eat holes in sifting silks and may also reach mill’s finished products. The Mediterranean Flour Moth has forewings which are grey in colour with darker mottling, their hind wings tend to be paler. Larvae tend to be pinkish/white and can have dark underside spots.

Northern Tree Spider

A notable feature of warehouse beetle infestations is the accumulation of shed larvae hairs and skins, which may cause asthma, skin or gastric problems to humans. Certain species of cockroaches have co-inhabited with humans in many areas such as homes, ships, food production & storage facilities. These common household cockroaches were introduced into Australia over the last 200 years and are the most commonly encountered household pests in Australia. Pantry moths, such as the Indian meal moth are attracted to foodstuff as a place to lay eggs and feed, including dry goods, grains, nuts, flours, spices, and chocolate. The extent of moth damage depends on the degree of infestation.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

At rest, the proboscis sits down and backwards between the flea’s legs. This part of the body cannot be seen without the aid of a microscope. Flea bites cause itching in humans which, in dogs or cats, can produce a more severe allergic response known as ‘flea bite allergy’. The ants tend to be more aggressive near the nest and inflict a painful sting.

  • Flyscreens can be fitted to windows, and weather strips or draft excluders will block their entry under doors.
  • Control procedures for pantry moths must be preceded by a thorough inspection from one of our technicians.
  • Spider beetles can reduce the quality of commodities by contaminating them with webbing and droppings.
  • There are hundreds of spider varieties in Australia with several poisonous and deadly varieties found in the Newcastle area.
  • Wasps are most active during the day and will be seen flying around the house.

To protect your family, you will need to keep your windows and doors closed and have fly screens. Another piece of advice would be to pour out any stagnant water around the house since mosquitoes breed in water. In case these precautions do not work, you will need to look for Pest Control in Australia to look into the problem and offer a price quote. We can remove the wasp nest, kill the wasps and discuss, or take, preventative measures to prevent wasps from returning.

Identify Your Pest By What It Does:

Listen for scratching noises in the roofs, ceilings and walls, droppings and musty odours. Once you identified an infestation, call the rodent control technicians near you. Australia, the land of sun, outdoor living, unusual mammals and snakes and bugs!

They’re so small that they look like dandruff flakes sprinkled on the plant. You won’t notice that it’s a pest unless you get up close and personal with a magnifying glass. You should also have a regular treatment to termite-proof your home. They like to eat wood, which means they can chomp away at your property’s foundations. Cockroach baits, traps, sprays and repellents can help you to get rid of this pest.

Intense burning sensations followed by a lump lasting for several days may be present at the site of the bite. Our inspectors use the latest in insect control products and are applied by an Accredited Applicator. An introduced species, mice can also carry disease but are also known to contaminate food and also cause house fires by chewing through electrical cables. If mouse traps and baits (or your good-for-nothing-cat) aren’t getting rid of mice from your home, we can help.

Soiled clothing should be washed before storage and cut flowers should be examined for carpet beetles before being brought inside as this is a significant cause of their distribution. In the household this group of insects are often referred to as ‘pantry pests’ because they are commonly known to infest stored dried foods. Breeding usually takes place in packets of food that haven’t been used or disturbed for a while and the main culprits are beetles and moths. Adult bedbugs are reddish brown, flattened, oval and wingless. Adults grow to 4 – 6 mm in length and do not move quickly enough to escape the notice of an attentive observer. Bed bugs can result in a number of health effects including skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms.

The eight-legged creatures might also be spotted wandering about inside the house. Moths are attracted to light and will be seen flying around your lamps at night. They are quite similar to butterflies in appearance but lack the beautiful colours worn by their prettier cousins. Cockroaches are hardy creatures that can survive in harsh conditions which makes controlling them a bit difficult, but with the right products, it can be done. Keeping your doors and windows shut will effectively prevent flies from entering your home. This might, however, not be a viable solution during warm weather, and this is when flies are most active.

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Look for a pest control specialist that has vast experience in the industry, especially with residential units. Ensure that they are competent when it comes to Pest Control in Australia and have a comprehensive plan on handling the problem. With a wide variety of pests in Australia, the recommendation is to get an expert who will know about the root cause and the affordable and long-time solution. They eat crops, cause structural damages and spread diseases through their parasites and faeces. In North America, breathing dust that has come in contact with mouse excrements has been linked to hantavirus, which may lead to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome .

Our technicians can provide you with advice on how to spot the early signs of infestation in order to quickly start an effective targeted treatment solution for your home. Spiders are one of the most common pests in Australia and easily one of the most feared. Mice can crawl through a hole less than 3cm in diameter, giving them superior access to most areas of human dwellings. In some cases the female mouse is able to mate within 3 days of being born, making the common house mouse an excellent breeder.

Carpet beetles: Sign you have an infestation and how to get rid of them – Countryliving (UK)

Carpet beetles: Sign you have an infestation and how to get rid of them.

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Erecting a fence around your property can keep dogs and other animals out. Using natural scents such as garlic, citronella, lavender and citrus spray can help keep cats off your property. For consistent results a professional cat control product should be used.

With that precaution, a pest exterminator will know the common household pests and develop an eradication plan. A pest specialist will tell the difference between the pests, the house flying pests, and the Australian household insects. You will have more information on your health threats and the treatment. The case-making clothes moth and the webbing clothes moth attack materials mainly of animal origin such as woollens, felts and furs. Their larvae can do extensive damage to carpets, clothing and stored food products. 6 ways to get rid of cockroaches in and around your house If you notice an influx of cockroaches around your house and garden, it’s important to act fast.

Spider Mites

Keeping your home dust-free is essential – dirty homes attract a range of insects and pests, and those insects are perfect for spiders to feast upon. The household bed bug is the most common bed bug in Australia. Spray common hiding spots with a surface insecticide registered to control bedbugs. In general, the most common spiders are not even aggressive, much less deadly.

They build tangle webs and eat small insects and other spiders. They are pale brown to cream with long slender legs and relatively small bodies. The common name trapdoor spider covers several families of spiders. In urban areas, trapdoor spiders control many of the garden pests.


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Find out more about the fascinating world of insects and spiders. Keep outdoor bins covered so the wasps won’t be attracted to them, and keep doors and windows closed or screened. If you have an ongoing problem with wasps building nests on your home, you can spray insecticide on the eaves and other places that wasps find attractive. The best way to prevent problems with wasp nests is to catch them early.

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