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When it comes to carpet, consider periodically moving furniture and vacuuming those dark corners of a room. “A space that is high with naphthalene or camphor or something like that will tend to keep the moths from going into that cupboard. “Moths balls and camphor and things like that, they’re not poisonous to moths, they act as deterrents,” Dr Edwards said.

If you know the name or family of the plant you are searching for, please use the fields below. Diatomaceous earth is one of the most popular materials used to get rid of silverfish. It can be pretty effective if used properly.

How To Deal With A Silverfish Infestation

I’m thinking to chop the lot of it out and put it in the compost pile. They are usually indoor plants, that may be why it’s going wild outside. I don’t know about the third picture. At first I thought it was Wandering Jew , but the leaves are a different shape I think. They are so loving and they will fiercely swoop people to protect their young. It’s very loving yet sometimes we humans see it as an “attack” on us when in reality it is just parents protecting their babies.

Hi, I’ve take a photo of a Dragonfly that appears to have eggs on the underside of its thorax. Neither, I think, though it’s closest to Ash than anything else I’ve seen. It’s not a beech or chestnut either.

Signs Of  A Silverfish Infestation

Protect pianos by hanging cloth bags of mothballs or camphor inside the instrument, renewing them when they cease to vapourise. The most likely places to find damage are areas of wool or wool blend carpet, behind and under pieces of furniture and where the carpet extends into walk-in wardrobes. Regularly inspect and vacuum clean these areas. Receive the latest news on events, exhibitions, science research and special offers. The Australian Museum respects and acknowledges the Gadigal people as the First Peoples and Traditional Custodians of the land and waterways on which the Museum stands. What do butterflies, moths and skippers look like?

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Wingspan of about 15 cm, length of head/body about 10 cm. Anyway i’ve got several cuttings growing which still look green and healthy after a couple of weeks. The closest match I can find is Cordia Boissieri, also called the Texas Olive Tree on some sites. I’ve seen these trees in Sydney, but haven’t been able to discover what they are. There’s lots of threads on Whirlpool to check out and lots of other websites full of information – like this one.

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The Control Of Clothes Moths

They aren’t visible in Horace’s picture either. Any more info on the tree – diciduous/leaf colour change/bark type? And height of tree and aspect it is growing in will help identifying it . Horace’s picture shows leaves that are green beneath. When you look at Horace’s photo, you can see the fruit in the background.

Stems grow in every direction and branches are very flexible, leaves seem to come from these giant bud things. Try a specialised local nursery or the Mt Annan Botanic Gardens for plants. Check out a bookshop for a field guide to plants of the Sydney Region, which will cover almost all the plants in that area. I’d recommend Fairley;s if it is still in print. Not the nicest looking tree but the street is lined with them and would like to plant another to replace the one that died years ago. Hi guys, can you please help with the following plants?

What Is That Weird Tiny White Cocoon On The Wall – SAYS

What Is That Weird Tiny White Cocoon On The Wall.

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Bluebluesky if you happen to find an intact gum nut cluster for a picture that could help as well. Does anyone know what tree this is? Seconded, I just can’t figure out what type. My first thought was Rose of Sharon, but the leaves don’t have the same large lobes. Was doing some gardening today and found some scary look ants.

They are quite tiny and fast moving so i dont tend to have the camera ready in time but will try for a better shot…. I’ve just noticed today that I have some sort of insect or mites on my yellow capsicum plant. This plant has only been in the pot for about 6-7 weeks, and I’ve never grown capsicum so I have no idea what it is. Personally, I wouldn’t use anything like that. We get the occasional weed in ours – couch, summergrass, flat weeds & just give them a couple of strokes with a paintbrush dipped in a roundup dilution. It would be a tedious job if you have a lot of weed, but it’s better than starting your lawn all over again.

There are several families of very similar bugs, though, so it might pay to browse a few others. My guess above is in Pyrrhocoridae, but Lygaeidae looks pretty similar. I get a passion fruit kinda after taste. But yeah, not really a fan of the taste. I’ll see if the wife/kids or extended family like it, if no one does I’ll get rid of it and put in some kind of other fruit tree.

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There’s actually 3 plants in the picture. Not sure what it’s like in the cooler months as I’ve only been growing it this summer. I planted my lawn mid-Feb in WA and it has established very well.

One thing I have just come across is Stink Bugs, which have very similar eggs, and the larvae look quite similar, but I haven’t seen any with the same colour/pattern. Thank you, that’s a great idea because I’ve often captured something and had no idea what it is called. Cockroaches are a whole other problem. Hulking American and Australian cockroaches roam roam Sydney and Brisbane kitchens at night, eating almost anything they can find.

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I have spent the evening googling but not much success. I knew of Photinia but had only seen it as a small shrub or low hedge plant. This is a tree about 7 to 8 metres high. Only the top couple of metres has any foliage though.

What Does A Silverfish Look Like?

Sorry no photos but I have tree ferns that are dying from this stuff that gets all over the fronds as they form and eventually kills them.. Have lost 2 already over last 2 years and a 3rd is really struggling.. I’ve tried some sprays and I can’t figure out how to get rid of it.

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Last night I found a couple of these small insects crawling around in the bathroom / laundry. I spent some nights looking for different ways to identify this weed and one council nursery replied to my email. Here is some of the best generic information I found online. It may not flower at all if it has been hedged, but duranta leaves aren’t usually so rounded. The variety I was thinking of is called ‘Sheena’s’ Gold.

Repeated applications of the white liquid out of their branches / stems is supposed to burn them off. It doesn’t hurt, and may work, who knows. But generally it’s a weed – name unknown.

  • And I also noticed that the trunks start to look whitish.
  • When I moved in a few years ago I was told this tree was a pomegranate, however none of the seasons of fruit has looked like any of the photos i’ve seen of a pomegranate.
  • It’s not Prunus, I have one of those myself.
  • Last night I found a couple of these small insects crawling around in the bathroom / laundry.
  • Here is some of the best generic information I found online.

The leaves look a bit different though. They have a rough texture vs smooth. Originally I thought your first photos could be a golden hebe or a golden diosma.

Habitat Of The Silverfish Bug

Once I get rid of most of the weeds I’ll fill the gaps with more grass. Should never have tried sewing the lawn this time of year but got impatient with setbacks not of my own control. Food that has been infested by pantry moth larvae cannot be salvaged.

Currently l keep it at 1m with pruning. I don’t think any of those 3 are leaf miners, but they are all agricultural pests and probably not great to have around the garden. The closest match to the needles I found based off your suggestions is the Cedrus deodara ‘Gold Cone’.

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