Bug Clear Ultra Vine Weevil

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Bug Clear Ultra Vine Weevil

The breeding of a non-shedding strain of Ehrharta calycina by means of the polycross test is still proceeding. An experiment has been commenced to study root development of three perennial grasses on five soil types. Natural selection plots have been exposed to different irrigation treatments, watering being zero, autumn, spring, and both autumn and spring. Peruvian strains are superior to Hunter River in the first year. Winter growth of the new strains is of particular interest. Subterranean Clover.—Seed for testing has been collected from mixtures of strains and mixtures of hydrids of subterranean clover sown during 1955 at Deniliquin, Oaklands, Tooleybuc, and Euston.

Disaster Bay in four and five fathoms, steering in the direction of Valentine Island, and in the long sandy spit, partly dry at low-water, and extending two-thirds of just how across. Of this evening from West-South-West It blew a violent gale the whole, coming on quite unexpectedly, for neither the continuing state nor look of the atmosphere gave us the least indication of its method. Exposed on a lee-shore, it may be imagined that people were in no way displeased to see it as swiftly and inexplicably depart, as it had all of a sudden and mysteriously appeared.

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And what we think of as virgin bush in a countrywide park is little or nothing of the sort or kind. Shells are also bellwethers of our impact on the natural universe. The effects of overfishing and pollution will be, of course, serious concerns, but more worrying may be the ocean acidification conceivably, which causes shells to simply melt off. Spirals with time urges one to ponder how seashells can reconnect us with nature, and recover the rift between ourselves and the dwelling world. Other highlights are the early record of moth review in South Australia, and a full index of scientific and prevalent moth names and their food plants.

A paper on the adenosine and uridine phosphates in pea seeds has been completed. Work on the fine structure of the plant cell was con­ tinued in collaboration with the Division of Industrial Chemistry. The electron microscope has been used to investigate the structure of both chloroplasts and mito­ chondria. Papers prepared for publication discuss the structure of plastids and how they are developed in the cell. The work on mitochondria attempted to coordinate biochemical function with structure as shown by the electron microscope. This reduction in time, which makes export of fruit from fruit fly areas more practicable, is particularly important because of recent outbreaks in areas not previously affected.

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  • Avoid bare epidermis connection with treated floors for 7 days.
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The Red Cliffs tomato trial that it is the eggs rather than the larvae in the soil which are important in commencing infections. Three new species of tylench were discovered in uncleared Mallee soil near Hattah—a Hoplolaimus and two species of Radopholus. This is the first time the latter genus has been noted in Victoria. Differences between these species in dry matter digestibility are not great. The results have stressed the importance of winter greenness and succulence in subtropical pasture species in relation to intake of feed. Paspalum plicatulum was consumed in larger quantity and was more digestible than Paspalum notatum.

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This great decrease in the breadth of the passage, gives the tide as of this spot great rapidity necessarily, where a channel, thirteen fathoms deep, possesses been shaped to the eastern shore close, a low sandy tongue of area called Point Document. This name was given to it on the celebration of Port Essington and the contiguous country, being used possession of by Sir Gordon Bremer when on his solution to settle Melville Island, in 1824. A bottle containing an account of these proceedings has been buried, and hence the name. On sweeping the western shore with a spyglass, I discovered the mouth of a river about a mile to the north of a hillock marked in Captain King’s chart. This river has been made the thing of an discovering party, and next working day Captain Wickham and Lieutenant Eden, went on that interesting support.

Chapter 1 4 From Swan River To Roebuck Bay

An apparatus has been constructed for determining surface areas by low-temperature krypton adsorption. One new activity has been the construction of micro­ beam X-ray equipment which will be used in more detailed studies of the deformation of metal crystals. Members of the Section have continued to assist in the supervision of post-graduate students and have played a major part in the conduct of post-graduate discussion groups. The Section continues to answer a large number of enquiries from industry on problems in the metallurgical field. A programme of research on special projects in the field of metallurgy is undertaken at the Section of Physical Metallurgy established in the Research School of Metallurgy at the University of Melbourne.

The Section co-operated with the Division of Industrial Chemistry by investigating the extraction of gold from calcines produced by fluo-solids roasting of copper con­ centrates from Mount Morgan and Mount Lyell. Progress was made in investigating conditions for pressure leaching of a manganese ore using added pyrite as a source of sulphur. The investigation included a study of the kinetics of some of the stages of the reaction process.

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Contains acetamiprid kills whitefly, greenfly, blackfly, scale bugs and mealy bugs works in roots and soil for 8 weeks systemic insecticide controls vine weevil. [newline]The under area of this species is beautifully varied with dark-colored and orange, but I might refer for a more detailed consideration to the task above mentioned. Head generally yellow, the yellowish extending in a true point to beyond a range drawn between your eyes, behind deep dark, margin thickened somewhat, brownish, four small obscure spots in the front; antennae and palpi dark brown. Thorax, with many scattered punctures, yellow, with a big black tag occupying vast majority of the upper surface, notched and narrowed in the front, sinuated on the sides slightly, sufficient reason for two notches in the centre behind. Elytra with various punctures arranged in outlines indistinctly, brownish yellow, the suture, suggestion and extreme advantage of every elytron margined with brownish; scutellum yellowish, black at the base and tip.

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Sexton and I were then simply placed in fee of two natives, who covered us with the sail of the canoe, sort of mat, but paid no focus on my wound, which had been bleeding profusely. As because the raft was completed soon, they obtained upon it, but finding that it was not buoyant to hold them enough, they threw over the water the beer and pork. In the morning, however, it had been found that the rope by which the raft had been made fast

A t Perth— Soil Survey and Pedology Part— Senior Study Officer—M. J. Mulcahy, B.Sc. At Hobart— Soil Study and Pedology Segment—-Principal Study Officer—K. D. Nicolls, B.Agr.Sc., B.Sc. Soil Physics Section—-Research Officer—D. S. McIntyre, M.Sc.

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(/) Radiation Genetics.—Comparative studies of different mutagenic agents and investigations on mutation breeding methods have been initiated on the following problems. Paspalum dilatatum.—Apomixis previously re­ ported has been demonstrated by the presence of a well- developed embryo prior to anther or stigma exertion. (Division of Plant Industry.) International Exchange.—A feature of the year’s work has been the development both internationally and within Australia of closer co-operative arrangements for obtaining and testing useful plant introductions. In addition to work in progress at Mareeba, investigations are being undertaken at Canberra into the blue mould disease. Investigations into the possibility of establishing safflower as an oil crop in Australia have been concluded.

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How to get rid of garden pests and treat plant diseases.

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X-ray Diffraction.—The high-power X-ray genera­ tor has been modified to accommodate a rotating anode to overcome inordinately long exposure times. An adapter for the Weissenberg goniometer has been built to permit the recording of X-ray photographs at temperatures low enough to avoid errors due to thermal motion of the atoms. Construction of the automatic counter goniometer is proceeding satisfactorily. A by-product of this investigation has been the develop­ ment of new approaches to the analysis of structures.

Different soil types, together with a large number of surface soils, taken as part of a fertility survey of Queensland soils. To meet this a tech­ nique has been developed to measure the net negative charge and the increase in this charge with pH. The equilibrating electrolyte used is 0.2N ammonium chloride, and this also enables the individual exchangeable cations in the system to be simultaneously determined. The tech­ nique can be adapted to equilibration with other concentra­ tions and salts of ammonium or with solutions of primary amine salts. Of the processes of weathering and soil formation has been studied and where possible has been related to the mineralogical changes which have taken place. The main factors operative in influencing the geochemical distribution of elements in these profiles were the transloca­ tion of elements by -plant growth, associations with the clay fraction, restricted drainage, and their relative mobility on weathering.

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A good street tree should also provide shade for both pedestrians and parked cars, and provide interest to the road scene for example from their bouquets, leaves or bark. The ideal street tree from a maintenance viewpoint is one which has a tall, direct trunk that spreads its branches above brain height. It requires to get tolerant of pruning, resilient to pollution and drought, and must also be newly made in its practice. Where these demands can’t be met, those making road tree planting selections have to select tree types that can reside in harmony with the road and its users with lowest maintenance. Grants— Research Associations— Leather Exploration Association Bread Analysis Institute .. L e s s contributions from— N.S.W. Normal water Conservation and Irrigation Commission Specific Revenue Fund—Griffith Research Station ..


Officers of the Division delivered lectures to architec­ ture students of the University of Melbourne, and a number of other addresses and lectures to various associa­ tions and establishments were given throughout the year. Discussions were held con­ cerning a proposed safety code for saw-milling and wood­ working machinery. Liaison was maintained with the F.A.O. Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission, and grading rules for hardwood logs and sawn timber were circulated in Australia for comment. Temperature curves were sigmoidal, flattening a little above 212° F.

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An effect of creep on internal friction has been observed in the temperature range above the oxygen peak, and it is suggested that creep makes a significant contribution to the background internal friction at high temperatures. The behaviour of the rigidity modulus in this temperature range has been found to be anomalous, and possible mechanisms for describing the observed phenomena have been considered. Section of Physical Metallurgy.—The research of the Section has continued along lines which have emerged from the work of previous years, and no major charges have been made to the investigational programme. Reacts with adjacent carbon atoms and forms carbon monoxide.

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Scale insects – getting to the root of the problem.

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This has necessitated a complete study of the analytical techniques and the attempt to establish an absolute method by means of microdifferential density measurement. Applied to quarters with and without subsequent freezing. These studies, and others relating to freezing and frozen storage, have also supplied a large volume of data on the nature of the “ drip ” fluid and its constituents.

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You can find double-webpage spreads on each of the country’s six main weather zones, with in depth explanations of the attributes and gardening desires of every zone and gorgeous photographs of common plants accompanying each one of the zones. Aswell, the intro features articles highly relevant to today’s gardener, from subjects such as for example landscape design basic principles to gardening with natives and organic gardening. Seeds could be collected from ripe fruit or from fruit that has been still left on the plant until

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