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Fleas can bring an irritating itch to both humans and pets, including allergic reaction. Even without pets, it is still possible to experience flea problems. For example, if the previous residents of your home were pet owners or if you work closely with animals. More than 2,000 flea species around the world have been discovered. Protect your family and pets from pesky fleas with the experts at Flick.

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While they prefer domestic cats, cat fleas will take other mammals as hosts, such as dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc. Cat fleas can bite humans, but they don’t often take humans as hosts because they cannot survive on human blood alone. When it comes to chemical pest control on your pet, there are some products that we consider to be safer than others. In some extreme cases of flea bite hypersensitivity these products may be needed in the short-term to give your animal some relief.

By engaging us you are assured that a licenced pest control technician will carry out a treatment that is safe for your family and pests. Insecticides for flea control should be safe both for animals and humans provided the manufacturer’s instructions are carefully followed. One should be particularly careful to avoid combining insecticides with similar modes of action. Always seek your vet’s advice if you are unsure about this and always tell your vet about any flea control products you may be using other than those which he has prescribed.

The flea life cycle speeds up in warmer weather, so flea numbers often build up rapidly during the spring, resulting in a flea epidemic in summer. The key to flea control is to start early, before flea numbers build up. Remember to treat all your dogs and cats and their environment. While adult fleas all suck blood from a cat or dog or other mammal, their larvae live and feed on organic debris in the host animal’s environment. Fleas are a type of wingless parasite found worldwide. They feed off the blood of humans and animals such as dogs and cats.

By the time they are ready to pupate, they are up to 5mm long. Mealy Bugs are small sap-sucking garden pests which produce white, powdery or ‘mealy’ wax material. Caterpillars are chewing garden pests and are the larval/grub stage of moths and butterflies. Avoid having debris around the home such as piles of wood or leaves where fleas are known to inhabit. Soft furnishings, especially in crevices and seams, underneath pillows and cushions, beds and bedding.

Varying treatment times for fleas and ticks may mean you have to find some interim solution. For example, the Seresto Tick and Flea Collar protects against fleas for 8 months, but keeps away ticks for only 4 months. Also importantly, not all tick control medications protect pets against tick paralysis.

Here we will identify the species and extent of infestation, as well as any risks involved. An infestation of these unwelcome insects in your home can really make your skin crawl, as well as pestering your furry family member. • You can boost the flea-repellent properties of a shampoo by adding essential oils, after discussing with our Holistic Vet which oils are most appropriate.

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If the cat’s skin problem improves with flea control then it suggests that flea allergy is involved. Consult your vet to find out if there are particular elements you need to keep in mind as you decide on a course of treatment. If you live in a warmer climate with a higher risk of ticks, it’s going to be crucial to use a treatment that’s highly effective in reducing these existing risks. The option to combine tick and flea treatment with worming treatments is also worth keeping in mind, depending on what’s most suitable for your pet and for your treatment schedule.

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All ready to erupt into a full-blown flea explosion as the weather warms up. Reducing the environmental load is why it takes several consecutive months to properly treat a flea problem. It is much more effective to treat the areas that your pets sleep and spend time, rather than just treating your pet. 5% of fleas live in the environment as an adult, 95 % of fleas live as eggs, larvae or pupae. For effective flea control, it is essential to break the lifecycle in the environment.

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You will get better results if all flea treatments are done around the same time. By clicking Add to cart, I understand the product I am purchasing is a therapeutic veterinary diet and is recommended to only be used under the advice of my pets’ veterinarian. I also acknowledge that my pet should be seen by a veterinarian every six months. Service starts with the elimination of the current infestation through a number of Flea Removal methods.

The first step in controlling fleas in the home is to use the Pro-Fogger total release aerosol. Release one aerosol per room to provide complete coverage. The unique formulation uses three actives to penetrate pupae and eggs to maximise control. The stabilising stand ensures the aerosol does not fall over in use. For non-carpeted rooms, instead of a flea bomb you may want to consider a perimeter spray . By far, the best way to help avoid a flea infestation is to keep your pet protected against fleas with a regular flea prevention protocol.

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Fleas feed on warm blood and hence they can be found on household pets such as cats and dogs where they will comfortably reside in the animal’s fur for an extended periods of time. To kill the adult fleas on your pet, you need to apply an insecticide. The most effective products are safe, kill fleas quickly and have a long residual action . It’s vital to treat all dogs and cats in the household (even if they don’t appear to have any fleas). David grew up and still lives locally and has worked at Gordon Vet since 1985.

It also protects against new fleas in the home for up to 3 weeks. Speak to one of our staff about the best flea prevention or treatment for your pet. Your house and pet are safe from fleas for up to 30 days following application and your home is left lightly fragranced. Often you may simply need to stay out of the house for a little longer than usually needed. There are however, many different products and techniques we can use to control pests. If you or any member of your family suffers from asthma or is sensitive to chemicals, please let us know, or seek medical advice.

To get dead fleas out of carpet, vacuum on a weekly basis. Close outside doors and windows and vacuum carpets thoroughly. Wash all bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets with detergent on a hot cycle. If your pet has been scratching more than usual or you’ve recently had rodents in the house or yard, you might now have a flea problem which can be incredibly unpleasant and uncomfortable. The following guide will show you how to get rid of fleas in the house and yard. Many people will see a small brown / dark brown spot (1.5 – 3mm) not sure what it is…..

Bianca is the owner and groomer at Funky Fur dog grooming and always looking for ways to help you care for your pet. Identify the favourite spots where your animal likes to spend time and concentrate there. Due to the potential risk of harm from these products, safety is also a more important consideration than price. Puppies and kittens can only start taking these medications after they’re a certain number of weeks in age .

  • Promising to kill fleas within 30 minutes of application, Exelpet Capstar can kill fleas but can also cause harm to pets themselves.
  • Externally we treat all yards, gardens patios and under subfloor cavities if your pet has access to these areas.
  • In humans and pets, flea bites can present as itchy, red, swollen and/or lumps on the skin, typically occurring within 30 minutes.
  • Source a product that also contains an insect growth regulator – as this will also kill eggs and larvae.
  • Apply sprays directly in locations where pets rest and sleep such as doghouse and kennel areas, beneath decks, and next to the foundation.

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Vet-recommended flea treatments for your dog, from topical solutions to collars – The Independent

Vet-recommended flea treatments for your dog, from topical solutions to collars.

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That’s why you’ll need an assortment of prevention strategies and household flea treatment measures to protect yourself against fleas effectively. You can call a professional pest controller to carry out a treatment, but homeowners can buy the necessary products in their local hardware store to carry out the treatment themselves . Flea infestation cannot be identified based on the evidence of bites alone. Bites are nearly indistinguishable from other pest attack such as bed bugs, mosquitoes, spiders, ticks and lice.

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Fleas also act as the intermediate host of a type of tapeworm. Fleas are the number one cause of skin disease in pets and can cause problems ranging from simple itchiness to weeping sores, scaly skin and a strong smell. Some dogs and cats are even allergic to flea bites or their saliva , where one bite sets off a horrible reaction. We advise you to visit your local Greencross Vets to learn more on how to treat and prevent fleas. Sundew Flea Control Deodorising Household Flea Spray is a unique and effective flea treatment and home deodoriser that is safe for use around dogs, cats and family.

Some cats will scratch at fleas only when they are not being observed. Cat fleas lay their eggs on the host animal, which then slide off into the bedding or rest areas of the animal. Cat flea eggs can remain unhatched in furniture or carpet for long periods of time until the conditions are right for hatching. Pupae fleas are awakened from their cocoon by vibrations, heat and noise, so they often mature and become very active just after you’ve moved into a new place.

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