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Ticks are blood sucking parasites with the most common tick in Australia being the paralysis tick. Ticks lay their eggs in leafy matter and drop from trees onto animals or clotheslines and from there they find their victim. Ticks attach themselves to a host animal and feed on their blood. Ticks can cause an allergic reaction in humans and are transported by their hosts to the next host. Tick borne diseases can be life threatening and medical attention is essential in these situations.

Applying an insecticide is the best method of removal, preferably early in the morning or late in the evening, while they’re less active and aggressive. Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment will deter rodents from nesting inside, while rodenticides will stop them in their tracks. Traps are a good, albeit expensive, option where chemicals can’t be used such as food preparation premises.

There are a number of different pests that can infest a home or commercial space. Everyone knows cockroaches are a common pest problems in Australia. If you have tried to get rid of them on your own, you know how these insects can be so elusive; not only do they look horrid but they can also carry a lot of diseases. Any time you keep food uncovered they could easily land in it and contaminate the whole food or drink item.

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Once you fall asleep at night, they’ll wake up, bite you, and feed on your blood. While not necessarily harmful, these bites can become itchy and annoying. If left untreated, a bed bug invasion will only continue to worsen.

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Flies pose health risks to humans and animals and can spread dangerous diseases such as salmonella and E. Some flies, such as the bothersome March or horse fly, can even dish out a painful bite. With this information at the ready, identifying common household bugs in Australia and undertaking house pest control becomes a walk in the park. We offer a range of competitively priced pest control solutions to ensure your home or business remains spider free. Our odour free and eco-friendly sprays will effectively remove all common household spiders. When preventing spider infestations, be it in a commercial or residential building, the first thing you need to do is make sure that wall cracks are filled in.

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Most infestations of bed bugs come in vast numbers and can be detected by a strange odour in the room. If bitten, it can result in lesions and welts appearing, as well as itchy, inflamed skin. Bites from bed bugs have also been known to cause allergic reactions, such as asthma. Ant colonies often appear out of nowhere and multiply into the hundreds. While it’s commonly known that ant bites cause an uncomfortable reaction on the skin, ants have also been found to spread disease. As this type of insect is an efficient excavator, these colonies may cause damage to both the indoor and outdoor areas of your property.

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The oriental cockroach is dark brown to black in colour and between mm in length. [newline]Females tend to grow up to 5 mm larger than males but have no wings, while the males are smaller and have wings that cover almost their entire abdomen. Here are the common pests in Australia according to the seasons of the year and how to get rid of them. “Try not to use too many pesticides to kill unwanted insects,” Ms Bonney said. Silverfish can wreak havoc on your every day, household items, including cherished photographs and important documents. Protect your belongings with the help of a professionally trained Flick Anticimex technician. It’s time to throw out the DIY ant control bottles and kits.

Pests are also a major cause of disease for farm animals. Even worse, some of these diseases such as the Hendra Virus, Brucellosis, and Ringworm can be transmitted from animals to humans. Due to this, some animal species are regarded as pest animals in Queensland such as feral dogs or the feral pig that have serious economic blowbacks after they destroy crops. Pest control is also important because it prevents further infestations. Rodents may pose this danger best due to their fast reproduction but they are also carriers to other pests such as ticks, mites, and fleas. These pests carry diseases such as Lyme disease, malaria, and plague which can be transmitted to both humans and animals.

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They are widespread all across Queensland and affect not only homes but offices too. Humans pretty much provide the best conditions for them to thrive through dark and damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Silverfish are as equally destructive as termites although the damage they do can be noticed a little bit earlier. They have a silvery-blue color, tiny scales, and move in a wiggling motion as that of fish. They are also commonly known as carpet sharks or fish moths. The worker caste is the dominant one in the colony and is blind, wingless, and sterile.

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The best way to deal with spider beetles is tokeep your home as squeaky clean as possible. Make sure to maintain your food storage places in good condition by regularly vacuuming them. If this method doesn’t work out for you or the infestation has gone completely out of control, your best bet is to hire a professional exterminator. On the other hand, if you don’t feel like dealing with creepy-crawlies, you can always hire a professional to take care of the infestation situation for you.


There is a chance that your house is under a cockroach attack. Gather all of your infested possessions and throw out anything you can. The items you want to keep, you need to place in a plastic bag and put them inside your freezer for 2 days. After that, vacuum the items to remove the dead booklice.

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The common term “white ants” is not accurate because termites are neither white nor ants. Fleas are the common name for small, insects without wings. They are extraordinary jumpers, leaping up to 50 times their body length. They are annoying pests, especially to pets, because their bite can produce allergic reactions that can last up to two weeks. One native ant species is the jumper ant which is poisonous and found in Tasmania and southeast Australia. More common in rural, wooded areas, jumper ants are large with the queen measuring up to over ½ inch.

Often the brightly coloured ones warn that they are toxic. Millipedes are a group of arthropods that are characterised by having two pairs of jointed legs on their body segments. Millipedes are referred to as detritivores, which means they feed on decaying leaves and other dead plant matter. Treatment of pantry moths is rarely carried out exclusively, but rather as part of an extensive treatment program. If you request help with a specific pantry moth problem however, we will be happy to assist you. Unlike smaller rodents who scratch and scurry in ceilings and wall cavities, possums make loud thumping noises, usually during the night.

Spiders that can be poisonous are the funnel web, red-back, and white-tail varieties. Most at risk for problems around the bites of these spiders are children and the elderly. So, like with most pests, removing food sources goes a long way to deter them from hanging around. In terms of disease, no, but in terms of your wallet after an infestation, yes.

There are over 400 species of native cockroaches in Queensland. Of these, four are major; the oriental cockroach, the Australian cockroach, the German cockroach, and the American cockroach. However, the most common one is the Australian cockroach. 30-35mm in length, the only bigger cockroach is the American cockroach. It is worth noting that possums are a protected species, so are not allowed to be relocated outside of their home territory. Maintaining and repairing your roof is therefore crucial, to prevent them coming back to your property.

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I am so happy with Dawson’s service and I will not hesitate to recommend them to my friends. He took the time to go through the property and thoroughly explain the reasons why I was having issues prior to commencing the work required. Thanks Craig for your your insight and professionalism.Greater transparency on the arrival time from Dawson would be appreciated. It’s difficult to plan your day with a broad arrival window, an indicative time would be helpful. We had Paul come to do this service and we were extremely happy with his service.He was polite, efficient, professional, informative, very easy to talk to and yet unobtrusive. Typically, cockroaches breed quickly and thrive in a wide range of environmental conditions.

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  • Home sprays are not advisable in all conditions due to the fact that they can be harmful to children and pets, and the effect will be minimal.
  • The female of this butterfly species are seen much less frequently and have quite different markings.
  • These insects build a huge variety of nests, a warren of tunnels and chambers that can extend dozens of feet underground.
  • However, this method typically takes longer than other methods as it may require repeated attempts.
  • The mosquito is a pest that always seems to come back for more, no matter how many times you swat them away.

There is a misconception that a rodent problem means your home is dirty. Often, rats and mice enter homes due to environmental conditions outside of your control, like nearby dense foliage, fruit trees, or neighbouring properties housing chickens. Bed bugs can be transported into your home in second-hand furniture, including bed bases, mattresses, couches, dressers, wardrobes, and even picture frames. They will then be attracted to the nooks and crannies in mattresses, box springs, and curtains. To prevent a bed bug problem overtaking your home, you should inspect mattress seams and bedding, and vacuum your carpets frequently. Unfortunately, termites can be almost impossible to notice until the damage is done.

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Here’s how to handle stink bugs, other insects fleeing into Carolina homes this fall.

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Next, clear up any sticky residues from food on counter tops, as ants are attracted to these. Finally, cover up any foodstuff which may be a source of food for the ants. If the plague of ants is getting out of control it is advisable to use other methods to treat them.

Bugs Mistaken For Bed Bugs & How To Get Rid Of Them

These pests can be extremely destructive to homes and other buildings and structures like fences and garden beds. They’re often found under mattresses or bed frames, behind picture frames on the walls, in the crevices of walls, and in carpets. Bed bugs are often found in places like hotels, motels, and residential units, and are easily transportable inside luggage bags, bedding, and furniture. Brushing your pets and using pest control sprays specific to your pets will ensure they are kept under control. It’s best to spray their nests with appropriate insecticide at night. This is when the wasps will be resting and easier to spray.

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